We understands the necessity for making wooden pallets undergo heat treatment before they are exported, and hence provides Heat Treated Pallets for Export. We believe that if we are working for a client, all the work related to pallets should be taken off your shoulders to let our company bear the complete load, a part of which is also to get the pallets ready for export if you need to transport them. We make sure that the heat treated pallets that we deliver to you are in accordance with international standards for safety and quality.

The experts at AllStatePallets make sure that the heat treatment given to the pallets is impeccable so that all plant diseases, invasive species, larvae, parasites, insects and diseases that can have a negative impact on ecosystems or plants, and other living organisms that are present in the wood are completely eradicated before the pallets are delivered to you for transport. 

An added benefit of giving heat treatment to wooden pallets is that since the moisture content will be reduced in the process, the packaging will have less weight and you can save a huge sum of money.

In a nutshell, AllStatePallets believes in making pallets completely sterilized and hygienic before they are made to be exported, which is why our customers have always entrusted their faith in us and have received excellent and competent products of the highest quality.