Standard sizes are not always the norm. A lot of times, the need of the hour is to use Odd Size Pallets for loading certain kinds of goods.These pallets deviate from the standard sizes to meet particular requirements of companies; AllStatePallets always understands this phenomenon and designs pallets that perfectly fit your exact needs. We also recycle these pallets so as to not let useful material go waste.

Our staff that has acquired years of experience consists of expert and dedicated professionals who have always competently manufactured pallets of almost any kind of specifications and have been making them extremely durable, cost-effective and trustworthy. Our customers have till date marvelled at the way we fulfil their special requirements and turn their dreams into reality, and as a result have recommended our company to others too.

Along with producing more than satisfactory sizes of Odd Size Pallets, AllStatePallets also makes sure to deliver them right on time and keep the cost quite customer-friendly. The odd sizes that we produce are an amalgamation of our clients’ demands and our own suggestions regarding how their requirement can be achieved with excellent results. You can engage with us without any worries as we guarantee your satisfaction.