Besides other services, such as buying and selling of new pallets, pallet removal, etc.,  We also offer an ‘’added value’’ service called on-site inventory control to monitor availability of stock and maintain complete control over the inventory in order to avoid paucity of pallets. We keenly work towards meeting the needs of all our esteemed customers, especially the high volume customers who wish to reduce their in-house effort and outsource the services to handle inventory needs.

So if you are tired of keeping a check on the number of pallets in your storehouse and scrambling to meet the purchase orders on time when your pallet reserve is alarmingly low, reach out to AllStatePallets, who has years of industry experience in managing pallet inventory so that you can make more efficient use of your in-house resources in other core activities of your company.  After working in close proximity with our clients, we can easily anticipate the needs of our clients which is unquestionably the key to our company’s success.

Our pallet operations are smooth and we have our team in place to monitor the warehouse daily or weekly and ensure ongoing communication. Rest assured of the unparalleled expertise of our trained professionals who are highly adept in resolving your warehouse everyday challenges.  Being America’s one of the most reputed pallet experts, All State Pallets located in the state of Florida has also designed and put into practice cost-saving programs for various clients. Our professionals are always here to help and give you superior performance at the most competitive price.