We provide pallet removal services extensively in the Orlando city and Central Florida including the other cities of USA for the recycling or refurbishing of pallets. We house a highly efficient division for pallet removal and recycling that is skilled at obtaining broken and used pallets with the help of multiplicity of sources. Then, these pallet removals are taken to our own recycling plant and based on one of the following categories are sorted:

  • Used pallets of wood in sound condition are shifted to inventories and put up for the immediate resale.
  • Damaged pallets for repair are first taken to pieces for the usable boards.
  • Then, used pallets with minor damages are then refurbished using boards that are taken out from other heavily damaged pieces.
  • Leftover lumber which is unusable and derived from the disassembled pieces is sent to the grinder where it gets grounded into mulch for sale or fuel for our Hydronic heating system, which in turn is used to heat our kiln.  

Thus, we are always at your service to provide you dropped trailer facility for pallet removal at your place. Depending upon the size, type and grades the trailer services will be provided to you within one business day. So contact us and avail this opportunity for an additional source of revenue because in either case these damaged and unwanted pallets will ultimately be thrown into the landfills. At AllStatePallets, we take immense pride in being your most trusted and honest partner in business needs.