We acknowledges that wooden pallets are an essential part of your pallet operation and its consumption more often than not takes place in large numbers whose specifications are never the same for all business operations. Therefore, in order to handle its growing requirement, we have introduced a cost effective alternative where the repaired and used wood pallets can be bought and utilized, especially when it is going to be used for the outbound shipments.

Moreover, our pallet repair program helps ameliorate its economic life so that it can be used multiple times. By making a purchase of the recycled pallets you would also be contributing immensely to the environment, protecting our forests and diverse ecosystems that inhabit them. Whether your pallet is used for inbound operations or outbound operations, we extends theeta pallet repair service and return facility to all its clients. Under this program, we haul your repairable pallets out, get them repaired and sell them back to you for reuse at the reasonably priced rates.

Needless to say, our pallet repair program is certainly a money saving option for you as the costs of the repaired pallets are bound to be lower than the purchasing costs of the new pallets. We also run our own fleet of heavy goods vehicles to efficiently handle the pickup and delivery operations. So,for pallet repair, feel free to contact us.