Standard Pallet Size 48x40 GMA

Standard 48x40 G.M.A. Pallets are built according to the guidelines given by GMA (Grocery Manufacturer Association) and are of the size 48” X 40”, where the stringers and deck boards are of the sizes 48 inches and 40 inches respectively. This is the standard pallete size according to us.

We always make sure that each part of the pallet, that we deliver to you, meets the standard GMA specifications and is durable, tough and of the highest quality as well as in standard size. The quantity, we provide, has always been exactly what our clients require and is manufactured at a price that you will find surprisingly affordable. Still, our experts ensure that the quality is never compromised with even if the quantity is in extremely large numbers.  

Maintaining the standard GMA size, our standard pallet size is chosen according to the purpose for which you need them. Being an environmentally concerned brand, we also take care that every standard size pallet is recyclable, which is why we say that every unit we produce contributes to preserving the environment for the future generations. After using our standard size pallets once, you will feel that you can rely on our company for every venture of yours in the future.